Terms of Service

1. Locations

2. Services Offered

3. Terms & Conditions of Services

4. Quality of Service Parameters & Promises:

5. Customer Premises Equipments:

6. Rights of Customer

7. Duties & Obligations

8. General Information & Consumer Care Number

9. Complaint Redressal Mechanism

Call The Customer Care or Email to support@wiretel.in

Complaint Centre shall :

On Completion of action on a complaint :

Turnaround Time for Onsite Support :

10. Contact Details of Appellate Authority



All complaints escalated to appellate authority shall be in writing and should carry the respective ticket number issued by the complaint center, Within 30 Days from the date of completion of the complaint.

The complaint shall be looked into and a written orders to be made within 30 days of the complaint before the Appellate Authority.

11. Procedures for Termination/Disconnection of Service:

The Company may terminate the Service on the occurrence of one of the following events:

In case Customers are not satisfied with Wiretel, they may apply for disconnection which will be done upon your current subscription expiry. With Wiretel we to keep it really simple!

1. You are not satisfied with the service.
2. You are having signal issues.
3. You are moving to a new location which don’t have our signal.
4. You are moving to a new ISP.
5. You got transferred to some other city.

So the disconnection is really simple!
All you need to do is,

1. Call our toll free number or send an email to support@www.wiretel.in and ask them for your disconnection with your reason.
2. Our team will reach in 24-72 hours and uninstall the device, adapter and cables. Once the disconnection form is signed by you in front of our team, then your account will be officially closed and you won’t receive anymore invoice from our end.